You probably have a sense of what you like in a home, enjoy picking out furniture, even like to DIY some things, but maybe aren’t sure how to pull it all together. That’s what a rehab box is all about. You can choose a box based on the level of help you want as you make your home your own:


Need a bit more direction as you settle into your home or want to give a room an upgrade? Let us give you a basic framework that still allows you full creative control. You’ll start by taking our TasteTest, measuring your room, and snapping a few before photos. We’ll draw up a floor plan (based on pieces you already have and things we think you should add), recommend paint colors, and show you some examples of pieces to look for as you shop on your own. 

Includes: floor plan, paint colors, links to any additional furniture or large accessories needed, notes on addressing problem areas, phone conversation to clarify any questions you have after you’ve received your box.  


Have the bones but need the finishing touches? We will specify the details for your room down to the exact pillow, artwork or tray. We'll give you a guideline on how to hang your window panels and style your bookshelves. You’ll start by taking our TasteTest and snapping a few before photos. We'll go on the hunt for the pieces that will bring your room to life. {If you live in the area, we'll come to you! Just let us know and we'll be in touch with the details.}

Includes: phone conversation to understand your concerns, potential in-home visit,  notes and detailed suggestions on what you need to finish your space, shopping list. 


Care about the look and feel of your home, but get overwhelmed in the furniture store or don’t have time to figure things out? We’ll give you the full makeover treatment with a Rehab Box that shows you exactly what to do. You’ll take our TasteTest and provide measurements and photos. We’ll take it from there and totally transform your room.

Includes: detailed design board to show you the overall style and feel of your room,  floor plan, paint and materials swatches, specific furniture recommendations, lighting recommendations, prioritized shopping list determined by your budget (including things like furniture, accessories, curtains), notes and elevations detailing how to pull everything together, phone conversation to clarify any needs and questions. 

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