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Happy Thanksgiving, friends! But on to our favorite holiday...Christmas! It's the best time of the year. We cozy up, drink warm things, sit in candle and twinkle light and watch White Christmas on repeat while making/wrapping gifts. So in extreme anticipation of decorating and setting the mood, I've been pinning inspiration out the wazoo. Last year, Kyle and I just had a tree and that was it! Not this year, my friends. No, this year there will be wreaths, garland and lots o' candles. And since we don't have a fireplace mantle situation in this city apartment of ours, I'll have to get creative. So, for your viewing pleasure: a taste of our favorite ideas-inducing Christmas decorations below and our Christmas Pinterest board for even more. Enjoy!

wreaths 'n things

wreath on mirror 2.jpg

Last year, Rehabitat posted about decorating for Christmas and specifically about an heirloom wreath made by my grandmother. This year, I tried at my own wreath and turns out, it was easy as pecan pie! AND it brings lots of joy to my living room. It's December 15 which means you have 10 days to try your own. (And you will still have more time to enjoy it than back in the day, when Christmas trees weren't set up until Christmas Eve! See A Christmas Story.)  

wreath on mirror.jpg

Pictured here: a twig base, fresh greenery from the tree, and seeded eucalyptus spray painted gold. (Lasts longer that way!) 

 { Merry Christmas from Rehabitat }

on wreaths, garlands and pinecones

I'm being distracted by pinecones everywhere.  They are a beautiful and elegantly designed thing of nature, and I never get tired of them.  Of course it helps that they are plentiful and cheap, renewable, and yet last for years - so that we at rehabitat can reuse, reinvent, and repurpose till our hearts' content.


My wreath this year is a vintage one, made by my mother over 40 years ago.  She not only made wreaths, but pinecone trees, stylized topiaries of the 60's and kissing balls, among other concoctions, way before glue guns made it easy for DIY's.  

My fingers don't bleed like hers did as I decorate my windows and doors, but I am reminded of her  joy of creative expression that she passed on to her daughters and grandaughters.


 I hope these few other ideas inspire you, as they do me, to do justice to the elegant pinecone.