mixing + matching: ikats

Listen, I love Fall too, everyone. Thank goodness for Dahlias and apple fritters (mums can go to hell in a handbasket). But wouldn't it be so much better if Fall were followed by Spring and then Summer? So basically, I should just move to California and be happy for the rest of my life, right? My escape from this apple fritter-less dreary fall day are these brightly colored, whimsical fabric combos. Those pink velvets never get me down. 

Today, we discuss the great Ikats of the world. (That's eee-kahht, unfortunately for me as I've only been pronouncing it every other possible way.) Eee-kahhts are your friend. They go great with the other geometrics, solids, florals, textures and there's one for every style! Proof is in the pudding folks. See example A+B.  Both colorful and fun with a wide variety of complementary fabric styles and none of which will turn all cloudy and chilly on you after a few months.