On the Hunt @ Architectural Digest Home Design Show

Stackable shelving in a natural finish by 100xbtr and a most beautiful rug by Wolfum.

Stackable shelving in a natural finish by 100xbtr and a most beautiful rug by Wolfum.

Sometimes, you just get tired of looking for that perfect piece at the same places over and over and over, you know? So you can assume our uncontrollable excitement when we had the pleasure of being  inspired  at the AD Home Show. Particularly,  from the Made section, which features independent designers and makers with impeccable taste. We thoroughly enjoyed wandering the booths pretending all the handcrafted, premium quality, custom designed pieces were totally affordable and within all our clients' budgets.  And we certainly weren't worrying about costs, lead times, minimum orders, or whether or not this particular shade of navy was "too navy" and if it needs a hint of green to truly flow with the rest of the space, etc, etc, etc. It was mostly just a good ol' time appreciating some good ol' talent. 

So, we wanted to share some of our favs from the event. Specifically,  the artists, designers and pieces that stood out to us because of the unique designs, their responsibly sourced materials, or their way ahead of the game sense of style. (Like this rug to your right!? I die.)  Click through to read exactly what we love about each piece!

1. Wolfum + 100xbtr | 2. Still Made | 3. Damm | 4. Eric Trine | 5. St. Frank | 6. Mirth Studio | 7. Whyte | 8. Volk | 9.  The Citizenry

When in Yucatán

It's been a tough week amigos. Getting back into the groove after a dream vacation is HARD! Why don't we have someone to serve us huevos rancheros and margaritas every morning in real life!? And si señora, the two go together wonderfully whilst overlooking the white sandy beach through tall palms waving at us in the breeze. After battling the severe depression that comes with returning through JFK customs into the November overcast and sea of wintery black coats (too soon people!), I sat down to compile all the inspiration from the beautiful Yucatán and realized I didn't take nearly enough photos. 

 terracotta tiles | mexican blanket | equipale chair

Naturally, there was something to be inspired by everywhere we looked. I love how coconuts are utilized in every way possible- for landscaping barriers, as plants once germinated, in the sand, as drinks, etc. Equipale furniture (the iconic, authentic, historical, hand-crafted tables and chairs made of pig skin and cactus fibers that last forever) only look better with age. And the cacti! So many varieties. The patterns and color (in this case, of Mayan descent) in the tile and textiles are just lovely. Everything is so colorful and pretty, I cry and Kyle looks at me funny.

P.S. The two framed photos above are from our trip. It's always a great idea to bring along a nice camera so you can have good quality prints. Hashtag hindsight. 

mixing + matching: ikats

Listen, I love Fall too, everyone. Thank goodness for Dahlias and apple fritters (mums can go to hell in a handbasket). But wouldn't it be so much better if Fall were followed by Spring and then Summer? So basically, I should just move to California and be happy for the rest of my life, right? My escape from this apple fritter-less dreary fall day are these brightly colored, whimsical fabric combos. Those pink velvets never get me down. 

Today, we discuss the great Ikats of the world. (That's eee-kahht, unfortunately for me as I've only been pronouncing it every other possible way.) Eee-kahhts are your friend. They go great with the other geometrics, solids, florals, textures and there's one for every style! Proof is in the pudding folks. See example A+B.  Both colorful and fun with a wide variety of complementary fabric styles and none of which will turn all cloudy and chilly on you after a few months.  

on the hunt @ the NY gift fair

We noticed some recurring themes at the NYIGF today:  shapely side tables, 70's retro, organic textiles, vintage metal accents, natural wood finishes and color!!! Just some small additions that will add big pizazz! (Let us know if anything tickles your fancy......)