before + after: a modern nursery

What's the best gift a mom (me, Diane) and a sister (Emily) could get for Christmas? Last year, Rehabitat's daughter/sister/marketing manager did just that by announcing a B-A-B-Y! And the first thing mom and sister did upon receiving this wonderful news? pin, pin, pin, design, design, design . . .

First things first! (Check out the before and in-progress pics here.) Walls were painted a fresh, cheerful white, courtesy of Pops. A traditional rug in a non-traditional color carefully chosen, the crib mobile meticulously designed. Add a comfy rocker, a repurposed dresser/changing table, a natural crib (from Ikea no less), and DIY curtains. Voila! A perfect room for baby on a budget. BUT, no nursery is complete without gifts of love:  alphabet cards hand written with personal wishes and strung on the wall, ink drawn pictures of home by Daddy, a huggable giraffe handcrafted by Didi, Auntie's personal styling touches, and of course, an adorable and healthy B-A-B-Y! 

And so this Christmas, we get an even better gift . . .  Mr. Owen happily singing to his animal friends.

Behold a GIF! Auntie Em's magic styling (even though I star in the film): 


*photography by Carolina Mariana for Rehabitat

In progress: Lauren + Alex's Nursery

Rehabitat was moonlighting in Chicago late last week to throw a baby shower bash for Miss Lauren, due in August. And we had the best weekend. Babies are in the air! (If only literally, amirite?) So we thought now is as good a time as ever to share our design board for Lauren + Alex's colorful-yet-gender-neutral nursery. Of course there's a little pink here and there because, PINK. And generally we feel passionate about not limiting specific colors to specific baby genders because, well thats boring. 

Lauren and Alex have a great room already started with fresh white walls begging for fun art, built-in shelving that fits perfectly in a little nook and lots of space to show off lots of cute baby schtuff. We had a really great time organizing and styling and making baby mobiles and laying around eating left over baby shower desserts. We were even lucky enough to have baby Drew keep us seriously entertained with his unbearably cute smiles and hilariously typical baby coos and giggles. It was a baby filled weekend, to say the least. Check out the below photos for a glimpse of the shower we threw, the unfinished nursery and the mobile we made! 

Oh! And here are some "befores" of the room when it existed as a guest room/ craft room. Please excuse the poor quality! Already, the new white walls make the room feel twice the size and so so fresh.