art medium: photography

Our eyes are always peeled for art and especially art sites that are reasonably affordable and unique. We've been specifying quite a bit lately and decided to share our finds along the way. Now, Rehabitat loves a good gallery wall- they are great for so many reasons that I don't feel like explaining- but sometimes we see too much of them and you know, it's all Pinterest's fault. I still love you gallery wall- I just need to see what else is out there. So what is the exact opposite of a wall full of watercolors, figure studies, botanical prints, oil paintings and collages??? ONE LARGE PICTURE. It's so easy. Here, we picked 10 for you. (Scroll to the bottom for artist and source.) 



before + after: greenwich village loft

We love a good before and after as much as the next shmoe and we're happy to say we've got another one for you on this happy Friday. Our client Sach lives in a jaw-droppingly gorgeous New York City apartment with lots and lots of vintage charm. Beautiful exposed brick walls and tall ceilings come together to make the lovely bones that is her home. Believe it or not, this is the result of a Revive Box and we love it when we're local enough to style and photograph the finished product! 

Sach has great taste and replaced her sofa, ottoman and drapery on her own and mounted the TV above the fireplace before we even began the project. We created a floor plan, specified a few additional furniture pieces, artwork, accessories and suggested some solutions to tricky spots of the room. We also got to work with my very talented artist friend, Michelle, to create the large abstract statement piece just for Sach. Basically, it was a fun project with a lot of collaborating and now I want to move in. I promise I won't not eat your pop-tarts and peanut-butter filled pretzels. Thanks to Sach for choosing us and letting us share your space! 

greenwich village loft entry.jpg

In Progress: Everything!

We've been busy bees around here which is a great way to start 2015! We are SO CLOSE to having some finalized projects to style and shoot I can taste it, but in the meantime, we'll share the details of our daily grind. 

A coffee shop! We are knee deep in barstool selections, wood samples, and light fixtures and we've never been better. 

Dom's Materials.jpg

Boxes galore! A Revive for Sach, Rehab for Linda, and Revive for Connie, all different styles with individual focuses. 

Beautiful new furniture and textiles are arriving for our client Leah which you can read about here  and we'll be setting the below corner gallery wall at a lovely client's home in New York this week. (Which we have yet to talk about but are very excited to share!)

Our clients in Connecticut are getting some built in bookshelf action and then some. 

A bright and classic Nantucket style bathroom finished by Diane Schmunk IDS is newly photographed!

AND we have a nursery to decorate! Miss Lauren, the other Schmunk family sister, is expecting a little one in August and the first thing we did when we found out was start an inspiration board.  Of course. 

nursery insp.jpg

We're very thankful to have lots on our plate at the start of this year. Stay tuned for updates to our portfolio and check out this page if you want in on the action!