Repinned: Thanksgiving table

If you're like one of us (me), you haven't thought too much about what kind of pie you should make (it's between this or this), or if anyone will eat that recipe of creamed kale that looks pretty because you're too busy thinking about which placemats will set the right mood or if gold leafing votives will be a good activity for your 3 and 5 year old nephews. Also, if you're like one of us (me), you're last minute and not willing to set a Thanksgiving table 2 weeks prior just to share on the blog.

Readers will have to wait until Thanksgiving at 8pm or worse, the day after, to see what the Rehabitat ladies' "tablescape" (I'M SORRY) looks like. And that, in the blogging/styling/design/party planning world, is a DISGRACE. At least we can laugh about how we will not be eating at a 30 person long, outdoor farm table effortlessly wrapped in burberry blankets and sitting on haystacks. But hopefully, it will still be worth the wait.

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