Always Shopping: Cabinet Hardware

We have kitchens on the brain! With five kitchen projects currently in progress, we’ve had lots of opportunity to highlight the unique features and styles of each our clients’ homes—ranging from traditional to modern, and somewhere in between. Kitchens are detail beasts! And cabinet hardware is not the last or least of these details. We’ve been shopping our eyeballs out for new and inspiring hardware and figured it’s time to share the wealth—including the kitchens that are blowing our minds, and specific hardware that we CANNOT get enough of! Read on for some tips on sprucing up your kitchen, just by switching out the hardware!

So many features come together to make a kitchen stop us dead in our tracks, but the seemingly small detail of hardware can make or break the space. It’s the jewelry of the room! And there are an overwhelming amount of decisions to make when it comes down to it. Some of these jaw dropping kitchens prove that the cabinet hardware was the inspiration for the entire space- with the cabinetry designed around the hardware selection.

So what are our tips and tricks for selecting and placing hardware, you ask? Read on!

Tip #1: We love using 3 styles of hardware throughout a kitchen. A knob, a pull, and a latch or a knob, a bin pull, and a rod pull, for example.

Tip #2: Choose a hardware finish that complements lighting and plumbing fixtures, but it doesn’t have to match! It’s a great way to mix metals, however all the hardware chosen should be the same finish.

Tip #3: There are visually pleasing ways to place hardware, but we say break all the “rules” you know! Be functional, but get creative!

Tip #4: If replacing hardware on your existing cabinets, consider the existing holes and either work with them, or cover them up with hardware that has a backplate.

Don't underestimate the power of hardware to balance out the style of your room, add character and take your space up a notch. Are you inspired, yet?!? We’ve compiled some of our favorite hardware pieces from our never ending search for pretty hardware below:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14

Happy accessorizing! -d+e

before + after: sarah drive kids bath

Welcome to part 2! In case you missed part 1 of the master, see it here! In a similar feel to the master, this bathroom was very 80s, cramped, and in serious need of a refresh. Not much could change about the interior of the space due to where the bathroom was placed in the house- and the bones didn't really need to change. But everything else sure did!!!

DSC_0514 2.jpg

How cute is this cement tile? I want it for me. Our goal here was to make the room feel bigger without moving the walls. We removed the closet to replace with open shelving, which helps open the space and prevent two doors from colliding. (See in mirror reflection below.) Also, a floating vanity gives the impression of a larger space and in this case, allows for a kids stool underneath. That and a few other little tricks like a huge mirror, and all white walls that flow seamlessly into the white tile make for a brandy new pretty bathroom. Enjoy! -d+e 

before vanity.jpg
before shower.jpg
hall ladder + shower2.jpg
brass bath hardware detail.jpg
shelving detail.jpg
vanity detail.jpg
towel ladder + floating vanity 2.jpg

before + after: dom's coffee part 2

Yesterday, we briefed you on the process of designing Dom's Coffee. Today, we share what it has become and we couldn't be happier with the result! BIG sigh of relief. Thanks to dream clients Asta, Gitana, Andrius and Victor for being such a pleasure to work with- we are honored to have been involved in your shop and we hope the absolute best for you guys! Dom's opens Friday (in the greater Hartford area) so go get your latte with a pretty heart. It's waiting for you!

banquette and stools.jpg
plants coffee shop entrance.jpg