On the hunt @ NYNow

We are always on the hunt for something new  . . .  This was the best discovery today: unique design, reinvented materials, and functional pieces with a REAL purpose.  Don't you love them?   Pivot is a non-profit company who redesigns discarded furniture,  while training and educating those experiencing homelessness in the art of constructing the pieces.  This is truly beautiful, functional furniture, in more ways than one.

on the hunt @ brooklyn flea market and new york gift fair

Emily loves to shop, and I love NY, so we can't stop ourselves from spending a sunny afternoon pointing, poking, and trawling through, not only the flea market, but also the new york home tradeshow.  Called "antiquing" 30 years ago, we found some great vintage trends at Brooklyn Flea that would add style, pop and personality to any room.   

Curiously, at the trade show, we noticed "new" vintage inspired designs that could have been straight out of the flea markets and vintage shops.   Vintage is hot, as it should be, and we're thankful that good designs of the past never go out of fashion.  One man's trash is another man's treasure, and yet another's new purchase, as you can see.

on the hunt @ the NY gift fair

We noticed some recurring themes at the NYIGF today:  shapely side tables, 70's retro, organic textiles, vintage metal accents, natural wood finishes and color!!! Just some small additions that will add big pizazz! (Let us know if anything tickles your fancy......)