layering classic & trendy: living room

Emily's living room: a lovely layering of a classic persian area rug, classic mid-century style sofa, trendy vintage tables, 70's chair, and a pop of fad in the pillows.

One of us may or may not be old enough to remember when dressing was simple: skirt and sweater and voila! you were dressed. Layering is the trend now, much to our liking. Instead of a dissertation on layering of accessories (although quite worthwhile I should say) we've been thinking about how truly interesting rooms are layered - with classic loves, trendy finds, and even fad impulses. 

Classic endures the passing of time. Trends are fads that may (or may not) be becoming classics, but are current fashion. Only time will tell. We're pretty sure though, that wall collections like these  have certainly become a classic.