On the Hunt @ Architectural Digest Home Design Show

Stackable shelving in a natural finish by 100xbtr and a most beautiful rug by Wolfum.

Stackable shelving in a natural finish by 100xbtr and a most beautiful rug by Wolfum.

Sometimes, you just get tired of looking for that perfect piece at the same places over and over and over, you know? So you can assume our uncontrollable excitement when we had the pleasure of being  inspired  at the AD Home Show. Particularly,  from the Made section, which features independent designers and makers with impeccable taste. We thoroughly enjoyed wandering the booths pretending all the handcrafted, premium quality, custom designed pieces were totally affordable and within all our clients' budgets.  And we certainly weren't worrying about costs, lead times, minimum orders, or whether or not this particular shade of navy was "too navy" and if it needs a hint of green to truly flow with the rest of the space, etc, etc, etc. It was mostly just a good ol' time appreciating some good ol' talent. 

So, we wanted to share some of our favs from the event. Specifically,  the artists, designers and pieces that stood out to us because of the unique designs, their responsibly sourced materials, or their way ahead of the game sense of style. (Like this rug to your right!? I die.)  Click through to read exactly what we love about each piece!

1. Wolfum + 100xbtr | 2. Still Made | 3. Damm | 4. Eric Trine | 5. St. Frank | 6. Mirth Studio | 7. Whyte | 8. Volk | 9.  The Citizenry

on the hunt @ brimfield

Well we finally made the trip to Brimfield. It was HOT. And there was a lot of STUFF. And we walked A TON. Thank goodness for those apple cider donuts that got us through the tough times of antique shopping. Honestly, I was a little tiny tad bit disappointed. The prices were very reasonable but there was so much weeding through country rustic New England real antiques for some slim Mid-Century / Hollywood Regency pickins. Is it really true that all the funky, modern, cheap finds are in LA? Don't let us down, September Brimfield. Click through to hear how we envision each piece.

on the hunt @ 1stdibs + Brooklyn Flea

It's not a difficult thing to find some beauts at either of these places, (maybe cheap beauts, but not beauts), alas we were shopping, so we might as well share our favorites, right? We're seeing some recurring themes in these pieces - natural mid-century, color (always color!), brass lighting, and geometric shapes- just to name a few. 

On the hunt @ NYNow

We are always on the hunt for something new  . . .  This was the best discovery today: unique design, reinvented materials, and functional pieces with a REAL purpose.  Don't you love them?   Pivot is a non-profit company who redesigns discarded furniture,  while training and educating those experiencing homelessness in the art of constructing the pieces.  This is truly beautiful, functional furniture, in more ways than one.