art medium: watercolor

One recurring question we're always asked in regards to artwork is, "Where did you find that!?". The answer is as follows: Flea markets! Our absolute favorite thing to find at an antique fair is artist portfolios. A sketchbook full of figure studies, messy watercolors, pencil line drawings, I mean I'll take anything, as long as I didn't do it myself. (Side note: I lit'rally cannot appreciate artwork I've created myself. Anyone else have this problem?) Found portfolio pieces are quite often imperfect with a dot here or a wrinkle in the paper there but it adds to the character and reminds me I didn't pay arms and/or legs for it. And once in a frame, it looks totally unique. ANYWAYS, for those not into dumpster diving portfolios or not necessarily confident in your art choosing abilities, we compiled some of our favorite non-flea but generally affordable art pieces, specifically within the watercolor family. Because who doesn't love a good, colorful, abstract watercolor.

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art medium: photography

Our eyes are always peeled for art and especially art sites that are reasonably affordable and unique. We've been specifying quite a bit lately and decided to share our finds along the way. Now, Rehabitat loves a good gallery wall- they are great for so many reasons that I don't feel like explaining- but sometimes we see too much of them and you know, it's all Pinterest's fault. I still love you gallery wall- I just need to see what else is out there. So what is the exact opposite of a wall full of watercolors, figure studies, botanical prints, oil paintings and collages??? ONE LARGE PICTURE. It's so easy. Here, we picked 10 for you. (Scroll to the bottom for artist and source.)