re-pinned: non-traditional Christmas

Christmas brings out the blogging spirit in us because we can’t not share the most inspiring looks of the season! It’s not too late to spice up your usual decor and love your decorations this year! For me, (Emily writing here) the enjoyment is not slapping them up just to check it off the list and but actually the process of creating something new. It basically gives me a reason to do crafts every night with White Christmas on repeat. We didn’t do much decorating last year because we were in the hospital with a tiny babe! So this year I’m making up for it and double downing on ALLL the greenery. But since we have a crawler now that barely understands “don’t touch mommy’s fragile vintage pink ornaments”, (any tips are welcome!) we decided to scale down our tree to a tabletop and make up for it elsewhere. (Lots of high hanging garland + wreaths!) Today we bring you our favorite non-traditional Christmas decorations that have inspired us to freshen up our own and make them feel new! Check our Pinterest for all the reasons to get a little more creative this year.

Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy the lovliness of the season! -d+e