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There's something so rich and romantic about wall moulding and paneling that elevates a space and creates a cozy environment. In two recent projects, we've specified wall moulding because DAYUM does it make a difference. You can see the dramatic before + after of one of them here. In this aforementioned dining room, there was a pre-existing chair rail, arched corner cabinets that were squared off, lower doors at an awkward height and minimal crown moulding. The wall paneling did such wonders for that room, as did painting it all one color, and adding a ceiling medallion. PS- there's real moulding which is labor intensive and more ornate and then there's the fake (well, not fake but more imitative, and just as visually pleasing if done well) called shadow boxing or faux paneling which is what we installed in Leah's dining room. Way easier on the bank account. We especially love the juxtaposition of decorative moulding with minimalist fixtures. (See first inspiration image!)

decorative wall panels.jpg

It may be because I've watched Marie Antoinette too many times (the Sofia Coppola one- is there another?) that now I truly believe moulding is the solution to a soulless room. There isn't a scene in that movie that doesn't feature some seriously dramatic and stunning French wall paneling. IT'S SO GOOD. Now you have a movie to watch this weekend that will provide you with an eye feast of awe-inducing wall decoration. 

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