before + after: a modern nursery

What's the best gift a mom (me, Diane) and a sister (Emily) could get for Christmas? Last year, Rehabitat's daughter/sister/marketing manager did just that by announcing a B-A-B-Y! And the first thing mom and sister did upon receiving this wonderful news? pin, pin, pin, design, design, design . . .

First things first! (Check out the before and in-progress pics here.) Walls were painted a fresh, cheerful white, courtesy of Pops. A traditional rug in a non-traditional color carefully chosen, the crib mobile meticulously designed. Add a comfy rocker, a repurposed dresser/changing table, a natural crib (from Ikea no less), and DIY curtains. Voila! A perfect room for baby on a budget. BUT, no nursery is complete without gifts of love:  alphabet cards hand written with personal wishes and strung on the wall, ink drawn pictures of home by Daddy, a huggable giraffe handcrafted by Didi, Auntie's personal styling touches, and of course, an adorable and healthy B-A-B-Y! 

And so this Christmas, we get an even better gift . . .  Mr. Owen happily singing to his animal friends.

Behold a GIF! Auntie Em's magic styling (even though I star in the film): 


*photography by Carolina Mariana for Rehabitat