Rehab Box: Erin's Living Room

Over here at Rehabitat, we love to shop. And I mean shop everywhere. Online, in the city, out of the city, craigslist, flea markets, really overpriced high end antique shops where we leave feeling angry at the world, and sometimes even Ikea, where we leave feeling angry at the world. (Mostly because I deny myself those heavenly smelling cinnamon rolls they pump out as you're waiting in line, regretting not having grabbed more awesome, cheap plants.) Oh yeah, SHOPPING. We love it. And we'll do it for you. And not shopping just to spend all your money but smart shopping. To help you figure out your budget and if that hot pink sofa you've been fantasizing about is worth the millions. (It probably is but maybe we find you a more affordable hot pink sofa.) Some things are worth spending more on than others, like that trusty old antique Persian rug that will last you a lifetime. And some things you can edit out, but we'll help you with that too. 

We loved shopping for Erin's Rehab Box! She was on a budget (who isn't?), has a special liking to blues and greens, lives in Toronto, oh and LOVES hockey. Hopefully we'll get to share some pretty great after photos!