before + after: haven drive kitchen + laundry

There is so much beautiful in this kitchen, we hardly know where to begin!  

Maybe we should start with the gorgeous country home that our clients' built - literally - in the late 70's. True to its New England roots, it is filled with gracious elements: French doors, fireplaces made of locally sourced bricks, real wood paneling, 

Rehabitat Granby Kitchen 8 copy.jpg

and of course, the pine country kitchen. What did you expect? It was true to its roots - but our clients were ready to move on to something updated and fresh!

granby before 1.jpg
Rehabitat Granby Kitchen 1 (1).jpg
granby before 3.jpg

Boy did they ever! There are so many new words to describe this kitchen: bright, fresh, sophisticated, with lots of classic thrown in. We LOVE the two-toned cabinets, the leaded glass, the limestone floor (except that it's really drop-dead gorgeous, easy care porcelain), the mixed-metal combo faucet and hardware, and the space saving in-wall pantry.

Rehabitat Granby Kitchen 6 .jpg
Rehabitat Granby Kitchen 2 (1).jpg
Rehabitat Granby Kitchen 7.JPG
granby before 2.jpg

Most satisfyingly of all, we knocked down this pesky wall between the dining room and kitchen, flooding the room with light and open space to breathe. It took some convincing, and some detailed trim work, (not to mention a new beam) but on the other side of the microwave cabinet below, is a great-looking custom-made dining room buffet which makes sense of the open space. (And let's face it - hides kitchen mess!!!)

Rehabitat Granby Kitchen 5.JPG
Rehabitat Granby Kitchen 3.JPG
Rehabitat Granby Kitchen 4.JPG
granby before 4.jpg

 And then, there’s the laundry! Previously located in the basement, we carved out space in the powder room closet for a stacked pair of machines which are camouflaged very nicely if we do say so ourselves. And the added storage is a bonus! Again, so much beautiful!

granby laundry room.jpg.jpeg
granby laundry room 2.jpg.jpeg

It was a team effort! Thanks to Winnie and Jack, our perfect clients, and to Larry for the amazing cabinetry, and as always to GC Mike, for his superb management and attention to detail. 

Enjoy! -d+e

before + after: sarah drive kids bath

Welcome to part 2! In case you missed part 1 of the master, see it here! In a similar feel to the master, this bathroom was very 80s, cramped, and in serious need of a refresh. Not much could change about the interior of the space due to where the bathroom was placed in the house- and the bones didn't really need to change. But everything else sure did!!!

DSC_0514 2.jpg

How cute is this cement tile? I want it for me. Our goal here was to make the room feel bigger without moving the walls. We removed the closet to replace with open shelving, which helps open the space and prevent two doors from colliding. (See in mirror reflection below.) Also, a floating vanity gives the impression of a larger space and in this case, allows for a kids stool underneath. That and a few other little tricks like a huge mirror, and all white walls that flow seamlessly into the white tile make for a brandy new pretty bathroom. Enjoy! -d+e 

before vanity.jpg
before shower.jpg
hall ladder + shower2.jpg
brass bath hardware detail.jpg
shelving detail.jpg
vanity detail.jpg
towel ladder + floating vanity 2.jpg